Wigs For Chemotherapy Individuals – A Guide to Choosing the Right Wig

Hair loss can be one particular of the most devastating side effects of cancer remedy. Certain sorts of chemotherapy target fast-expanding cancer cells. Given that hair cells are the quickest expanding cells in the body, the chemotherapy drugs kill the hair cells as nicely, causing hair loss.

Wigs are the most preferred selection for covering hair loss. Many ladies, even so, dread the idea of picking a wig – picturing obtaining to put on the hot, itchy, unnatural appearing wigs of yesteryear. The excellent news is, there wig-creating technologies has come a lengthy way in recent years – resulting in lighter, much more comfortable wigs that appear totally all-natural. Most chemotherapy sufferers opt for to put on a wig that matches their own hair style and color. Of course, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with a new style or colour if you need.

Exactly where to Get a Wig

It is a lot easier to shop for your wig before you lose your hair. Wigs are accessible from a lot of various places. A retailer or salon that enables you to touch, feel, and attempt the wigs prior to you buy is constantly your most effective solution. If you do not have a nearby wig boutique, you might look in catalogs or on-line. If you cannot afford a wig, many hospitals and the American Cancer Society typically supply absolutely free boutiques exactly where you can uncover donated wigs.

Before going to a wig boutique, you might want to get in touch with ahead of time and get some facts – how several wigs do they have in stock, are you allowed to attempt on the wigs, do they work with your insurance business, do they reduce and style the wigs for you, so you want an appointment, etc.

Human Hair or Synthetic

It is always most effective to educate oneself on the kinds of wigs obtainable. Wigs can be created with human hair or synthetic fibers. Human hair wigs have the advantage of versatility – they can be colored, permed, curled with a curling iron or straightened with a flat iron. They also offer you a soft, additional natural movement and texture. Acquiring human hair can be confusing. It is accessible in a wide range of qualities and cost ranges. Like lots of other factors in life, with wigs – you commonly get what you pay for. Chinese hair is thick, straight and somewhat coarse. Indian hair is the most well-known sort of hair, softer and wavy. European Hair has the finest, softest texture. Decuticled hair has had the cuticle removed, to stop tangling. Remy hair nevertheless has the cuticle in location, but has been very carefully collected so that the hair all runs the very same direction. It is stronger than decuticled hair. Human hair is normally sold by the inch, so longer wigs will be considerably much more high priced. Anything else to preserve in thoughts is that human hair will need some skill to style. Just like our own hair, it needs to be styled and set regularly to appear its best.

Synthetic hair is by far the most preferred solution among chemotherapy sufferers. Significantly less costly and less maintenance then human hair, synthetic wigs supply a fantastic option. The style is “baked in”, so it stays in place, even when you wash it. Synthetic can be washed, brushed and combed, but cannot be curled or flattened with heated tools or chemical compounds. Just like human hair, synthetic hair is offered in unique qualities. Less expensive synthetic fibers are thick and plastic like – with an unnatural shine. Loose Wave Wigs differ in denier (or thickness), so they look and feel just like the true thing.

Cap Building

Just as significant as the variety of hair is the form of cap. Classic caps are machine created. Open-wefted caps allow more airflow to the scalp. A monofilament wig functions individual hairs hand-sewn into a fine mesh base. This creates the appearance of hairs expanding straight from the scalp – for a remarkably natural appear. Hair can be parted and lay smoother – as an alternative of a thicker, teased look related with conventional wig. The ideal wigs are one hundred% hand-tied. The soft mesh base is smoother and much more comfy than wefted wigs – eliminating scratchiness and irritation. Hand-tied wigs are much significantly less dense – so they are lighter weight and a lot more natural.

The Correct Size

One more critical consideration is the size. It is greatest to have your head professionally measured. Wigs can be custom ordered to your precise measurement – but this is not often the finest alternative for chemotherapy sufferers, as custom produced wigs are a lot more high-priced and take six-8 weeks to generate. Pre-created wigs are virtually all created in an “Average Size”, and will ordinarily fit folks measuring involving “Petite Typical” to “Average Significant”. If your head size is Petite or Big, you could have extra troubles getting a wig. Unfortunately, there are only a limited quantity of wigs produced in these sizes. A skilled wig fitter can make alterations to a wig to make it fit.

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