(NASDAQ: AGBAU), a blank checking company established for merger, exchange, acquisition of assets, stocks, reorganization, or similar business with one or more businesses, announced today that the holders of the units may choose to exchange separately the ordinary shares, warrants and rights included in their units from the beginning of the transaction.

The basic stock, bids and assets traded under the names AGBA, AGBAW and AGBAR in the NASDAQ Stock Exchange NASDAQ: AGBAU at which are not segregated continue to transact under the AGBAU symbol on NASDAQ. Once the share, warranties and privileges are divided, ordinary units can be recombined.

Acquisition of AGBA Limited

NASDAQ: AGBAU. Acquisition Limited is a blank checking business that is formed to buy, swap and amalgamate all or substantially all of the properties, enter into or participate in some other, related company partnership with one or more firms or individuals to purchase, share reconstruct and amalgamate. The Corporation will not be limited to a single industry and area to describe the prospective target product, while it plans to focus the activities of its core businesses within the sectors of health, education, entertainment and investment banking in China.

Statements on the prospects

This press release includes forward-looking claims containing uncertainties and uneasiness. Future-looking claims are not historical evidence. Such forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainty which may lead to actual outcomes arising from future-looking statements, including the likely discovery and purchase of a potential target company. The Company expressly disclaims the duty to make the modifications or adjustments to any future-oriented plans found therein publicly accessible that reflect any alteration in intentions of the Company about these or other changes in circumstances.

Acquisition price

A blank checking firm for Chinese companies, GBA Acquisition, earned 40 million dollars by selling a $10 product, which has a market valuation of 52 million dollars.

The units are composed of one share, one promise and one option to obtain a common share of the market mix intake. There are two purchases of shares for $11.50 and 10 purchases of shares are required. AGBA Trading under the symbol NASDAQ: AGBAU. has started with acquisition on the Nasdaq. Maxim Group LLC has been the company chief. The business ranks among firms in the public sector on a pessimistic scale of 5 to 5, with the highest rating of 5. NASDAQ: AGBAU. Acquisition has received -4.1 on the scale in the public opinion. We also commented on the company’s news stories at 10-0 of ten, suggesting that the recent media attention is expected to have a short-term effect on the stock price and margin trading. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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