How to Buy Ballet Shoes for Your Child?

Ballet shoes are a very important component for ballet dancers. Dancers rely on their shoes to keep their feet protected throughout their routines and also help them execute ballet steps. For a young ballet dancer who has just started class, it is important to get accustomed to ballet footwear.

Here is a guide on how to buy ballet shoes for your child.

For Young Beginners

Young children experience numerous bouts of growth during their early years. This means their shoe sizes are probably increasing every month. In this case, you can choose to purchase generic ballet flats sold in supermarkets. These shoes come at an affordable price. Although it may not be as high quality as branded ballet shoes, they can still certainly serve your little one well, until she grows out of them.

Older Ballet Dancers

Once your child reaches the preteen or teen stage, it is time to get them quality ballet footwear. You can opt for your child to be fitted by professional dancing footwear fitters. There, they will be loads of different footwear for your child to choose from.

Although, you will pay significantly a lot more for them over a generic pair of ballet flats, custom-made shoes are better for older dancers. As their feet grow less quickly in addition to that, they know how to take proper care of their shoes. Wherever you purchase your shoes from, please bear in mind that they ought to be real dancing shoes – and not flats that look like ballet shoes.

What Is the Importance of Getting Ballet Shoes?

Proper ballet shoes will not only protect your child’s feet but also prevent her from falling over or slipping when dancing. Good ballet shoes will be made out of materials that will not harm you child’s feet but also have a good grip.

Unsuitable footwear such as regular flats that may look like ballet shoes may not have enough grip to help your child execute jumps or twirls safely.

Ballet Shoes for Special Occasions

In general, your child will only need either one or two sturdy pair of shoes to last her until she outgrows them. Nonetheless, there may exceptions when your child is selected to perform in a ballet showcase that require dancers to be decked out in the same attire. In this case, you will have to go with the majority and purchase the necessary pair of ballet shoes needed for the showcase.

At the end of the day, many factors come into play when purchasing ballet shoes for your child. You will have to look at it from an economical aspect. Affordable generic ballet shoes are great for young dancers who are just starting out. While more advanced dancers should own a couple of high-quality ballet shoes.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to get the most suitable pair of ballet shoes for when your child joins ballet for kids.

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