Given that you happen to be likely snorkeling for the first time or your helping somebody else get all set to go snorkeling for the first time, you are definitely in the market place for a snorkel mask. Not just any mask, possibly. You want a trusted snorkel mask that suits nicely, is comfy, and will not allow you down (i.e. lets water occur hurrying in at the most inopportune time… which is whenever.)

There are a huge number of snorkel masks that are offered to the snorkeling group large, tiny, youthful, outdated, abundant, frugal, inadequate, irresponsible… You get the photo. Any person can find the right snorkel mask as lengthy as they know how to identify a good quality mask that matches nicely.

Price Should not Issue

To an extent, that is. If you’re hunting for snorkel mask that you might be likely to use for a prolonged time, feels great, and suits nicely then you shouldn’t let the subject of a few bucks establish which mask you acquire. Of program, with the little ones it is a distinct story. The fee at which little ones expand might make it so that the fins and mask that you buy them today will not likely suit in a month or two.

The Most Essential Elements of a Snorkel Mask


This is absolutely the most critical part of your mask. No issue about it. Attempt on several variations, created by different snorkel equipment manufacturers, and see which design matches the best. Spot the mask to the face without the strap keeping it in place and inhale slightly. Permit go of the mask and it must remain in location. Don’t forget that getting a snorkel in your mouth will alter the condition of your confront so it is greatest to hold that in brain when fitting.


Silicone is the way to go for your mask skirt. It is soft, comfortable and resilient and it comes in many diverse grades and shades for range and comfort and ease. is very very clear and allows tons of light-weight in for a great see down below the area of the ocean. Photographers, nonetheless, favor black silicone so that it keeps glare out whilst they’re capturing photos and video clip.


Dual lens, one lens, three or four lens? Tempered glass or not? Bear in mind, SCUBA masks with tempered glass are okay to go snorkeling with but snorkeling masks without tempered glass are not okay to use even though SCUBA diving. Purge valves at the base of the nose gap in snorkel masks enable for effortless clearing of any drinking water that does get in to it, but purge valves at times leak when the rubber include goes undesirable or tears.

These are all things to keep in mind when choosing a snorkel mask. Acquiring snorkel sets produced by the well-known makers of snorkel gear like US Divers, Aqua Lung, Promate, Seavenger, TUSA, and Cressi are usually a fairly great wager when it will come to fit and feel. Ken Muise is a snorkel enthusiast who primarily loves to swim with sea turtles and dolphins. Ken has snorkeled almost just about everywhere on the Hawaiian Islands and is considered an professional on choosing the best snorkel equipment

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