Fumigation: myths and truths to make sensible decisions

Not only locally -that’s, when we suppose of Fumigaciones – but worldwide, there is a reasonably controversy installed (to fumigate, yes or no?) and around it individuals say several things that are worth analyzing and that’s the aim of this article.

The reality is that when we talk, as an example, regarding pest control or fumigation in general, detractors and defenders of the process immediately seem and everyone has their arguments against and in favor, and one… who could be a simple mortal who solely wants to protect his home, company or land is in the center of this crossfire that doesn’t end up collaborating in any respect to decide elementary things in this regard.

Thus, let’s start with a smart analysis by saying that fumigation can be defined as an operation or action of environmental hygiene. The aim is essentially preventive: to stay away or eradicate intruders that will cause injury to health (if we are talking about residences or businesses) or environmental damage, for instance at crop level.

So as to outline the most common myths, we have resorted to reliable sources, i.e. fumigation corporations with many years of experience and in depth knowledge of the subject.

One of the foremost frequent is “why do it…, fumigation has not worked”. We hear this from several acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues, etc. However after we begin to research, the first issue that emerges is that they need acted on their own, without the recommendation of a professional or a fumigation company with a known good reputation. In other words: “some product” was applied, in “some supposedly effective dilution” for “some pest” or (even worse) to eradicate several at once.

Huge, massive mistake! As a result of the fact that it merely “doesn’t work” is the lesser of the evils. The real evil is when the wrong product is applied, in a very concentration harmful to health and in places or ways that that are highly dangerous to folks and pets.

There would be a protracted list of examples that would be cited, however the summary is: not all products work for all pests and for all places. Do not risk or invest your money badly: consulting a significant fumigation company is the simplest investment in each sense, as a result of it guarantees smart results without health risks.

Another widespread myth is “fumigation harms the surroundings”. This is often another misconception that is worth stopping because research and world trends are moving within the direction of reducing the applying of artificial product and using those of biological origin. At the agricultural level, it’s a truth that agrochemicals are persistent in the soil, and it will take decades once applying a pesticide before it disintegrates. The challenge is to appear for a lot of environmentally friendly product and this is often by no means that impossible: it just needs some research and specificity (to eradicate such and such a pest, use such and such a methodology).

The important factor to remember is that every one fumigation may be a disinfestation method that aims to stay away pests and intruders that affect our health. Fumigation companies are clear about which product to use for every circumstance and their strategies ponder basic rules such as perpetually applying in sunlight and in rooms with closed windows. Of course, the fumigator must be a properly trained professional and should have personal protection parts therefore that his own health is not at risk.

During this last sentence, the message can be summarized: “do not take risks” and consult those that recognize a ton regarding the subject.

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