Cheapest Airport Parking Claimed By Industrial Drive Airport Parking

In their Google advertisement on Sunday 21st November, 2010: Industrial Drive Airport Parking claim that they are the least expensive airport parking, of their competitors, in Melbourne

1st Class, Friendly, Expert Service

Industrial Drive Airport Parking is a family run small business attempting to present fantastic service with a friendly touch. Their goal is to get their customer to and from Melbourne Airport with a minimum of fuss, and while you are gone they will take care of your car or truck with 24 hour safety. Lengthy Term Parking and Brief Term Parking are presented as effectively as indoor parking and outdoor parking. Commercial Drive present absolutely free drop off to and choose up from Melbourne Airport. They are content to arrange an account with a business if you have frequent travellers that demand their services. Specific rates are accessible for: Police, Defence personnel and folks specialising in FIFO mining services.

Like all compact operators they are striving to increase their company and they welcome any suggestion that will present a much better service for their buyers. So feel to give a suggestion just after you have applied their service so improvements can be created to the package they offer.

They accept all the key credit cards: VISA, Master Card and American Express and you will not have to pay significantly as they promote the Least expensive Airport Parking.

You require to book in advance, as I have usually observed “parking complete” indicators outside some of the operators gates. Commercial Drive Airport Parking provide booking on the net and by phone, but payment is produced on arrival at 38 Allied Drive, Tullamarine. It is only 5 minutes away from Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine Airport). They ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your arrival at Melbourne Airport, five minutes to approach your payment and transfer your luggage to the waiting shuttle bus. This bus operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so they are usually out there to pick you up or drop you off at Melbourne Airport.

Parking prices are based on a per calendar day or aspect thereof. All prices are inclusive of GST. As with most operators, the longer you remain, the cheaper the rate is. Indoor parking: 1 day is $18, 7 days is $83, 14 days is $128 and the Outdoor parking: 1 day is $15, 7 days is $58, 14 days is $95 (as of 21.11.2010). Seek advice from with their web-site for current details. Extra days charged at $5.00 per day ($four.00/day outside)

Motorcycles are charged $15.00 for the initial day and $5.00 per day thereafter. Caravans, boats and so on, are welcome so ask about their value. Don’t forget that in their Google advertisement they say:Least expensive Airport Parking.

Take Advantage of the Least expensive Parking

Commercial Drive Airport Parking offer other solutions such as: Automobile detailing, servicing of vehicles, fitting new tyres, repair of panel and paint operate. Get a quote and have your car or truck completed for your return pick up. Take advantage of this, simply because with the Least expensive Airport Parking price tag you will have additional cash for the other services.

Terms and Conditions of Parking

Have you ever read the Terms and Situations of Parking? Properly they are all equivalent and I identified them really exciting certainly. You really should take the time to study the Terms and Conditions of any service you undertake as you will be informed as to your rights and the rights of the operator.

Industrial Drive Airport Parking is conveniently located and they are eager to supply first class, friendly and qualified service at the Least expensive Airport Parking price.

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