Can We Accept the Concept of Branded Masks and Sanitizer Spray Bottles?

The year 2020 began with an onslaught of COVID-19 that has taken by a storm throughout the world. No other virus had ever affected the population all over the world at such a grand scale. The use of face masks and sanitizer spray now has become a part of our life and as the thing stands today, this trend is going to remain for some more time.

Custom Earth Promos is one of the companies that are known for making various environment-friendly products are also engaged in the production of large quantity protective masks for the people of the USA.

Face masks were earlier used mostly by people related to healthcare service professionals and workers. However, nowadays face masks are used by even common people when they visit public places. People have now got used to wearing such masks in the public.

That is the reason, few people in the corporate sector thought why not start making branded masks and also sanitizer products so that one can popularize their brands with the help of these regularly used items.

Therefore, you can find these days many people are wearing face masks where the brand name is also taking a prominent space. Many people are also putting certain catching phrases to offer certain messages for the public too.

Many people are also using these masks as popular give ways like tote bags where the brand name is also inscribed on them.

Now the question is whether this concept of putting a brand name on a product like face masks and sanitizer is acceptable to society? Will the people take the message positively? You can find arguments both for and against this concept.

People, who are for branding these products argue that it will be a real boost for their business because by looking at the face masks it is very likely that people will ask questions like, ‘from where did you buy this mask? What does this brand name mean? What does this company do?’.

All such conversations often may take a much longer time and there is no need for an ice breaker. Few companies think that all these face masks have proved to be a huge blessing for their business and the promotion of their brands.

The market for face mask these days is exploding, with many more states are going to make it mandatory to wear one, and hence probably the face masks can be the best premium advertising that anybody can get just because it is on your face.

Few companies who make and distribute various corporate-branded products claim that they have seen their business picking up ever since COVID-19 struck, just because the demand for all these protective items are going so high.

However, the counter-arguments against branding face masks and sanitizers are that all these items are related to a pandemic situation that carries more sensitivities as compared to any logo-emblazoned golf shirt or a cap.

Branding on the face masks may be seen by many as exploiting the pandemic situation by using the space on the face masks as an additional way of corporate branding. Few employers are little wary of commercializing this health crisis for promoting their business.

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