1. What is a beautiful staircase grid?

Beautiful staircase net is a stair safety net product with smart, modern and highly aesthetic design; Beautiful staircase mesh is not only a safety net product capable of protecting ordinary stairs but also has a decorative effect on the position of the stairs. The beautiful stair safety net is both capable of being installed to help protect the safety of the stair space and has the ability to help enhance the beauty of the house’s stairs, and at the same time give the house unique and fancy features. Installing a beautiful staircase grid helps your home become smarter, more modern, safer. Using a beautiful stair safety net is the desire of many customers, using a beautiful stair mesh is also a trend to protect stair safety today, which is chosen by many customers.

2. Beautiful staircase grid pattern

Because of the increasing demand for beautiful staircase mesh, manufacturers also produce and design a lot of diverse and rich stair grid models. The beautiful stair mesh models are available on the market such as:

– High quality plastic coated stainless steel stair mesh: this is the most popular stair safety net material on the market and is the most chosen by many customers. Plastic coated stainless steel stair mesh is a safety net with an inner core of stainless steel, the outer cover is a thick layer of transparent high-grade flexible plastic. The mesh thread is made of 304 stainless steel twisted together to create a unified block with a thickness of 2.5mm or 3mm, the outside is covered with clean, strong transparent plastic and cannot be torn by hand, increasing the load bearing capacity of the net. up to 1500N. When using a tool to remove the transparent outer layer of plastic, the inner layer of stainless steel is tightly twisted together to create strength. With this design, the safety net yarn can completely withstand all the effects of the weather, the safety net thread does not rust, does not oxidize, does not rust during use.

– Beautiful ceiling staircase net: the ceiling staircase mesh model is a net without a plastic layer, the net is made up of a tight twisted mesh cable block up to 5cm thick. The net is strong and secure and cannot be cut with a knife or scissors because the threads are held together so tightly. Ceiling stair grating has high aesthetics, easy to buy, easy to install, Lưới bảo vệ cầu thang easy to repair and easy to replace with other components to help protect stairs continuously and without interruption. The advantage of the ceiling staircase grid is that it is very solid and sturdy, but the disadvantage is that it can cause scratches or rust if used outside in hot weather for too long.

3. Why should you install and use a beautiful staircase grid?

Installing a beautiful staircase grid gives the stairs the most modern, aesthetic and safety. The beautiful staircase grid ensures the aesthetics of the stair space, with a modern grid design that does not block the stair space like when using glass to protect the stairs, does not cause the feeling of a pit like when using a frame. Stair guard made of iron, stainless steel, steel, aluminum.

Beautiful staircase mesh cable is designed to be slim, compact and modern with a diameter of only 2.5-3mm, but looking at a distance of over 10m, you will not be able to see these nets being installed at the stairs to help the bridge. The ladder always retains the most natural beauty. The beautiful staircase net is easy to clean every day, so you can use a cloth to wipe the mesh surface every day to keep the mesh like new, not creating an environment with harmful bacteria. In particular, the mesh is covered with an outer plastic layer with the ability to create a smooth feeling when holding, or touching the surface of the mesh, without causing discomfort to the touch, safe for even children.

4. Select the most beautiful and latest stair mesh products suitable for the needs of the stairs as well as the space of the stairs. To choose the right model of the best beautiful stair mesh, customers contact the company specializing in providing beautiful stair mesh to choose and buy the right stair mesh product.

5. Where to buy beautiful stair mesh to ensure good quality, genuine and safe stair mesh. Viet Anh company specializes in supplying and distributing prestigious and long-standing beautiful stair safety nets nationwide.

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