Blasting Your Way Into Undisputed Dominance In Boom Beach

Posted On Nov 24 2016 by

Boom Beach Tricks

The fact that Boom Beach is a massive, freemium multiplayer real-time strategy game in the online modality got me interested in it from day 1. Its launch saw avid gamers like me flock to the app market and download it as early as I could. Operating just fine on both Android and iOS, it’s creating ripples owing to its fantabulous features and reminisce of the Clash of Clans features. For someone who was a bit baffled by its core contents and core, I was rather amazed at the introductory phases of the game. With much simplified currency from the onset, the secondary currencies taking center stage during upgrades of headquarters were interesting enough.

The game’s combat modality is excellent with a player’s orbit of influence and the potential enemies being handful at the beginning. They gradually increase at whatever pace you desire. Undeniably, as interesting as friendly the game is, it’s important to remember that it remains a freemium game at its core. The recruiting, building, resource and upgrading systems are effectively premises on its timers. The only alternative to my patience is to implement to understand how to play boom beach effectively and use premium currency for speeding up these timers. Of course you can use the boom beach club site for avoiding spending real cash and sail through smoothly. But that’s your wish.

Boom Beach Tricks

Also, once you step into the mid-game and extra currencies start showing up, this game develops a nasty tendency of pushing you to immediate upgrades of primary buildings for the aforementioned currency. Impatient and impulsive gamers might be tempted to use the online tool here, which is alright. Considering the fact that the combat only happens once you explore new areas, which entail radar upgrades and coins, or when you retake conquered islands, long session gamers will quickly discern that Beach plays best in more frequent, small sessions. I got the same hang and perspective after dwelling in this part for a long time.

Let’s not get into theoretical debate on freemium. I won’t step into the that but all I would say is this style and pattern of play fits brilliantly into my lifestyle, and that’s precisely why it’s doesn’t bother or irk me a bit. Now, I’ve become a fan of this streamlined game-play but it does come with certain costs. As regards its base building aspects, you can suffer some losses in customization. Actually, viewing the top players also looks like there’s some negatives in terms feasible, viable and common endgame strategies as everyone appears to nurture the exact same bas layout.

I also found that there’s not much in social integration in current update, which I reckon was a pretty huge aspect of Clash. I presume that such additions with eventually be incorporated into Boom Beach. I’m pretty sure about this. But right now, these are a little bare. Regardless of these minute hiccups, approachability, balance and pacing are pivotal aspects of a successful freemium offering, and beach succeeds exceedingly well in both the fronts. It includes both defense and non-base shielding aspects. Assuming that you are not over obsessed with social aspects or the end-game, or you don’t nurture some irrational abhorrence for freemium games, this game is sure to fascinate you. Whether it contains substantial retaining power as its celebrated spiritual predecessor will simply depend on the inevitable tweaks to its core game-play. It’s definitely worth all shots.…